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Who is Active Global?
  • Active Global Health Sciences Education Group is a Singapore-based, Privately funded company. 
  • Our Goal is to significantly increase the Quality and Quantity of Specialised Caregivers available to families who need them most, especially families who have an elderly at home
  • Therefore, through being a Specialised Caregiver of Active Global, you could develop international perspective, professional knowledge in caregiving and the ability to provide high quality caregiving services.
Why we are different?
 Contract Model
•Employment contract with Active Global with very competitive  monthly salary which means you will receive a monthly salary even when we don't have a client for you
•We pay social security and insurance for you
•Agency agreement, no income when they could not find right client for you
Employee Benefits
•Annual salary increase based on performance
•Periodic internal award for ‘Best Caregiver’
•Team building and support programs
•Limited support
Accommodation •Free lodging and food organized by the company for all employee •No accommodation provided or when it’s provided, it’s chargeable








Working for us

Do you want to be a caregiver? Are you a trained nurse, an auxiliary nurse, or have a certificate in geriatrics care? if you are service oriented and genuinely interested in caring for an elderly or sick client, this could be what you are looking for!

A caregiver takes care of an elderly or sick client in his or her home. The caregiver is a personal help, health aide & companion for a client. Although you will not be working as a nurse, you will develop a special relationship with your client, which will be very rewarding. Another advantage is that you will have a lot of time for the social & emotional aspects of care, something that is typically missing in the hospital setting due to the lack of time.

  • Your duties will mainly focus on activities of daily living of one client (hygiene, feeding, mobilisation, exercise), and the client’s emotional & social well-being;
  • Providing good specialised care is a full time commitment and therefore our caregivers are unable to take care of other family members’ major household chores;
  • However, you will support the client with his specific household tasks, including preparing meals, doing laundry, changing bed sheets, making sure the client is in a clean environment (cleaning their room and bathroom) etc.;
  • You will work during the day, and will be guaranteed a minimum of 8 hours rest in a private room – moreover, there will be breaks & quiet times during the day, depending on the schedule of the client.
  • We make sure that we will arrange the jobs as a caregiver for the qualified employees who pass the required examinations
  • We provide food and accommodation for our employees (8 working hours caregivers)
  • We provide employees with the personal accident insurance with the value of RMB 100,000
  • We pay the Chinese social insurance for our employees
  • We provide employees with annual paid holidays and annual free travels.

Current Recruiting

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