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What's The Difference

Caregiving Scope Active Global Holistic Caregiving Plan™
Mostly limited to basics Caregiving scope varies

Each Caregiver has several patients to look after
Our proprietary Active Global Holistic Caregiving Plan ™ includes:
  1. Basic Activities of Daily Life
  2. Support to Specific Condition
  3. Monitoring of patient’s condition and communication with medical staff
  4. Well Being plan: Specific individual and Social activities
  5. Exercise routine (adapted to the patient’s condition)
  6. Emergency contacts
Training Extensive Training
Limited (if any) Training standards vary across nursing homes

• All our Specialized caregivers are extensively trained, and some of our caregivers were actually trained as nurses in their countries

• Our proprietary training program (170 hours of classroom/practical training + 3 weeks of clinical placement) is conceived and delivered by professional nurses.

• Our Caregivers are trained to deal with Emergencies and to focus on the patient’s well being

Support Our Caregiving Consultants
are reachable 24/7 in
case of emergency
Limited support Professional 24/7 support
Relief Option Relief caregiver
option available soon
Typically no relief during
day off or annual leave
Nursing homes provide
a 24/7 solution
Cost Higher salary for the caregiver, who is
highly skilled and motivated
Lower salary,
sometimes lower motivation
as a consequence
Cost often comparable
or higher to having a Live-In Caregiver
Loan We do NOT charge any
fees to our caregivers
Maids are charged
agency fees which they
have to repay
Not applicable

• We do NOT charge any fees to our caregivers. Therefore you don’t have to loan them money. As a consequence you significantly reduce your risk, as well as your upfront payment

• Maids are charged agency fees which they have to repay. You are often requested to loan them money while they repay you on their salary. This can have a negative impact of their motivation