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Our Specialties

For the Elderly and the Disabled
  • Aging at home (also called aging ‘In Place’), is the overwhelming preference of older adults, all around the world. Unfortunately, when the older person becomes frail or sick, staying at home can become a challenge. 
  • Our Specialised Caregivers are trained to the following specific conditions:
    • Dementia (including Alzheimer)
    • Stroke & Heart Disease
    • Depression
    • Diabetes
    • Parkinson’s Disease
    • Visual / Hearing problems
    • Nutrition / Elimination problems
    • Stoma and Wound
    • Allergies

A Specialised Caregiver can make Aging at home possible,
providing safety in a healthy and active environment,
as well as relief
to the family 

For the Cancer patient

Cancer patients often feel more comfortable and safe at home. But cancer can be a strain on their close family, as they might be unable to manage daily life tasks 

A Specialised Caregiver can help with managing daily life, coordinating with the multi-disciplinary treatment team. The Specialised Caregiver also ensures proper nutrition, hydration and rest of the patient, which facilitates the healing process 

For Babies

Taking care of your loved newborn requires special skills. These skills are needed not only to deal with the day-to-day care of the baby, but also to proactively deal with any possible emergency situation in the most efficient way. Our caregivers are trained to recognise the signs and symptoms which require immediate medical attention, and are able to seek immediate medical help, even if you are not reachable.

Selected Caregivers Profiles

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