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Leading Edge

Your Active Global Specialised Caregiver:


  • Follows the patient’s specific Active Global Holistic Caregiving Plan™,
    which has been designed specifically according to your needs,
    and is structured along 6 dimensions.
    1. Basic Activities of Daily Life
    2. Support to Specific Condition
    3. Monitoring of patient’s condition and communication with medical staff
      (through a specific Android Tablet App)
    4. Well Being plan: Specific individual and Social activities to be supported by the Caregiver
    5. Exercise routine (of course adapted to the patient’s condition)
    6. Emergency contacts
  • Wears a spotless professional uniform when working


  • Is equipped with an Android tablet, which:
    • Is used to record relevant patient data / vital signs
    • Contains all the check-lists and training materials


  • Took at least 170 hours of intensive practical training
    and 3 weeks of clinical placement