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Example Caregiver Profiles

Female Caregivers

Mrs P.C. – Bachelor in Nursing, 20 years of nursing experience in India & Dubai, on medical surgical & geriatric wards
  • Specialty: Geriatric patients
  • Main motivation: Likes taking care of older patients and is interested in Singapore.
  • 47 years old
Ms S.M. – Certificate in caregiving from the Israel Centre for medical assistance, 4+ years of experience as a caregiver in Israel
  • Specialty: Paralysed patients, has worked with dementia patients before
  • Main motivation: Likes to do this job and is willing to come overseas to be able to do what she likes
  • 34 years old, single,
Mrs G.G. – Bachelor in Nursing, 2.5 years of nursing experience in different areas, including as part of the CPR team
  • Specialty: Chronic lung diseases, psychiatry, complex care situations
  • Main motivation: Is interested in giving care to people & wants to live in Singapore
  • 26 years old, engaged to be married
Mrs. T.C. - Bachelor in Nursing, 2 years of experience as a nurse and diabetes educator in a diabetes hospital
  • Specialty: Diabetes
  • Main motivation: Sees giving care to older clients as a responsible job and a chance to prove herself
  • 23 years old, married
Mrs S.K. – Certificate in geriatric care from Alzheimer’s Society of India, 2.5 years of experience
  • Specialty: Dementia patients
  • Main motivation: Finds satisfaction in looking after older people
  • 42 years old, single
Mrs D.M. – Diploma in Nursing, 4.5 years of nursing experience, mainly as operating theatre nurse
  • Specialty: Mainly worked on operating theatre, but is interested to work with any type of patient, including patients with dementia or mental retardation
  • Main motivation: Feels it is her duty to make older people feel happy
  • 25 years old, married, 2 children
Ms. G.K. - Bachelor in Nursing, 2 years of experience as all-round nurse and clinical instructor for students
  • Specialty: All-round nurse
  • Main motivation: Wants to support sick patients who are in need of care with a pure empathetic attitude
  • 24 years old, single
Ms. S.G. - Diploma in Nursing, 6 years of experience on labour ward, diagnostic department, operation ward, burn unit
  • Specialty: Paediatric & surgery patients, ICU
  • Main motivation: Likes to communicate with older people, sees this as a turning point to gain international experience
  • 39 years old, single
Mrs. A.P. - Bachelor in Nursing, 3 years of experience on neuromedical ICU
  • Specialty: Neurological patients
  • Main motivation: Wants to take care of the elder people
  • 27 years old, married
Male Caregivers

Mr J.J. – Diploma in Nursing, 6 years of nursing experience in India & Qatar.
  • Specialty: Paralysed patients, psychiatric patients
  • Main motivation: Finds satisfaction in looking after elderly people & people who need care.
  • 29 years old, single
Mr. S.A. - Diploma in Nursing & Midwifery, +3 years of experience on intensive coronary care unit & medical ICU
  • Specialty: Post operative care & cardiac patients
  • Main motivation: Likes looking after people, wants to gain more knowledge & communication skills
  • 24 years old, single
Mr. J.M. - Bachelor in Nursing, 3 years of experience as a nurse on different wards, 2 years of experience as a care assistant in the UK
  • Specialty: Geriatric patients, including dementia
  • Main motivation: Enjoys working with older people, wants to establish a good relationship with them
  • 29 years old, single
Mr. S.N. - Diploma in Nursing, 3 years of experience as a nurse in India and 3 years as a nurse in a rehabilitation centre in Saudi Arabia
  • Specialty: Geriatric & paediatric patients, disabled patients
  • Main motivation: Recently attended a seminar on elderly care and this motivated him to become a caregiver
  • 28 years old, married
  • Also speaks arabic
Mr.V.A. - Diploma in Nursing, 5 years of experience on medical surgical & emergency wards
  • Specialty: Postoperative care
  • Main motivation: Wants to become a caregiver so that he can give his full attention to a patient
  • 26 years old, single
Mr. P.P. - Bachelor in Nursing, 5 years of experience, including as a caregiver in the UK in an elderly care nursing home
  • Specialty:Wound care, ENT. Interested to work with cancer patients
  • Main motivation: Loves to care for people, fascinated by Singapore
  • 29 years old, married
Mr. V.V. - Bachelor in Nursing, 4 years of experience on male medical wards & trauma wards. Works on a research project now
  • Specialty: Trauma, Geriatric Care
  • Main motivation: Looking after his grandmother now, and was motivated to become a caregiver because of this
  • 27 years old, single
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